Implant is considered as one of the best treatment modality to replace natural tooth, be it any age of young individual to an elderly person. At Shining 32 dental clinic Indore we provide you the best in class Korean implants at a nominal and affordable price of Local implants with quality assurance to give you the best alternative to your missing tooth. The specialization of our in house MDS specialist doctors certified as implantologist makes your treatment even more affordable.

The Implant placement is fully driven by 3d scans and accurate measurement to get the best possible and accurate results which increases the prognosis of implant placed. After the implant procedure, there is no hassle of tacky impression materials to determine the size of crown as we have in house 3shape intraoral scanner which gives the best and accurate fitting crowns with all the recent advancements in field of dentistry.

Implant are titanium fixtures which are placed in your resilient bone to mimic the natural roots of the tooth lost, this then serves as an anchor to successfully put an artificial crown on top of it. This can well be considered as a new tooth given to you over a short span of time replacing the precious natural tooth which has been lost from your mouth. Modern day implants and the specialization of our Doctors has successfully made dental implant procedure as painless as it can get.

Dental implants are clear alternatives to hectic removable plates or aggressive bridge work involving cutting of healthy adjacent teeth to replace missing tooth. They provide as an anchor at the expense of firmly integrating with your jaw bone as titanium is biocompatible with the former. So come and consult with us today to know more about dental implants by the best implantologist in indore. We have successfully performed numerous implant surgeries at our clinic whose documentation can be discussed with our implantologist when you visit and consult us. We are located at Y.N Road and Vijaynagar in indore. Do get an appointment before visiting us.